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Food and wine on the Island of Elba

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Food and wine on the Island of Elba

The typical dishes of the Island of Elba are very tasty, prepared with simple and genuine ingredients: fish, molluscs, crustaceans, fragrant herbs and vegetables of which the sea and land of the island are rich.

The local cuisine of Elba tells a story of cultural exchanges, meetings and traditions. Ancient civilizations have merged into characteristic recipes with a strong taste such as Riese-style stockfish, in which the fish is flavored with black olives, peppers, pine nuts and capers, or the cod stew, a dish of clear Spanish influence, or the cacciucco all'Elbana, an exquisite fish and shellfish soup.

Risottos are also very popular, particularly with cuttlefish ink and seafood, but simpler dishes such as boiled octopus, cuttlefish with peas, stuffed or devilled squid and the classic grilled sardines.

Those who love the flavors of the earth must absolutely try the gurguglione, an inviting dish based on stewed vegetables typical of the eastern side, or the exquisite first courses seasoned with wild boar or hare rag├╣.

And even for those with a sweet tooth, there is no shortage of surprises: in fact, there are many traditional desserts from the Island of Elba, first of all the schiaccia briaca, a dessert with a clear Saracen influence rich in raisins, pine nuts, almonds and walnuts, all "seasoned" with excellent Aleatico Elba DOCG! Schiaccia briaca is the perfect dessert to give to relatives and friends upon returning from holidays: without yeast to be carried by sailors on long sea voyages, it lasts for days without losing its inebriating scent.

On the Island of Elba, castagnaccio also enjoys a deserved fame which, as the name suggests, is prepared with chestnut flour, which is very abundant on the hills of the western part of the island.

Other delicious desserts that are linked to the Elban tradition and long love courtships are the corollo, from the Marina di Campo area, and the sportella, from the eastern side of Rio.

The wines of the Island of Elba deserve a separate chapter: the culture of the vine has remote origins on Elba, just think that Pilinio the Elder defined it as "the island of good wine".

The Romans already produced Elban wine which they traded with the entire empire, as demonstrated by the findings of dolia (huge terracotta jars used for transporting wine and oil) in the sea adjacent to the Island of Elba.

Today the main wines of Elba are Elba Rosso DOC, Elba Rosso Riserva, Elba Bianco DOC, Ansonica, Elba Rosato, Moscato and Aleatico DOCG.

For lovers of good wine, it is possible to visit the numerous wine and agricultural companies that carry out guided tours where the various steps of production are explained, from the bunch of grapes to the wine, and where it is possible to carry out tastings and tastings.< /p>

We also remember the Elban liqueurs and grappas, rigorously prepared with plants and essences of the island, including, in addition to the classic limoncino and arancino, we find the aleatico, ansonica and moscato grappa, the myrtle liqueur and the delicious cherry tree.

Finally, not to forget the production of extra virgin olive oil, which has always been an integral part of Elba's food and wine culture, which adds flavor and gives a unique and peculiar taste to the dishes that this extraordinary island offers to its visitors!


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