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The Municipality of Capoliveri

What to visit in the municipality of Capoliveri


Capoliveri is the most recent municipality on Elba: its establishment dates back to 1906. Capoliveri is located on the north side of Monte Calamita from where the gulfs of Stella and Lacona are dominated. To this territory belong the beaches of Madonna delle Grazie, Barabarca, Zuccale, Pareti, Morcone, Innamorata, Norsi, Lido and Margidore with the largest Elban plain: Lacona and Mola, of which the first heavily attacked by tourist construction and the second still actively cultivated today.

Capoliveri, although devoid of architectural elements of historical and artistic value, is nevertheless an interesting tourist center due to the continuous variation of the perspective views given the succession of internal streets and breathtaking views. To the south of the capital, the Calamita mines represent one of the major attractions for the variety of ferrous minerals that were extracted until the 1980s, including hematite, magnetite, pyrite and limonite, known to collectors above all for their particularity of the crystallizations of azurite and malachite, for the variety of garnets and for the splendid samples of aragonite.

Also descending from the town via an old path, it is possible to visit the Sanctuary of Madonna delle Grazie, church of probable sixteenth-century origins where it is possible to admire an oil painting depicting the Madonna with Child, attributed to the Como painter Marcello Venusti, a pupil of Michelangelo, and some frescoes by the Elban painter Eugenio Allori.

Lacona, Naregno, Pareti and Morcone are these locations characterized by a large building density resulting from the strong tourist demand, as is Innamorata. Worth visiting are the beaches of the same name, and the latter is known for the historical re-enactment that takes place every 14th July, when a costumed procession, passing through the streets of the town, reaches the beach, where the celebration known as the Legend of the Lover.

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