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The Municipality of Marciana Marina

What to visit in the municipality of Marciana Marina

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Marciana Marina occupies the northern part of the western sector of the island and is the smallest municipality by extension. Its institution dates back to 1884 when a large portion of territory was detached from the original municipality of Marciana.

The town is accessed from the beautiful coastal road coming from Procchio, which runs through the thick vegetation of the Mediterranean scrub with a series of curves that follow the course of the coast corresponding to the small beaches of Spartaia, the Sprizze, the Bagno and the Schioppo; when you pass the curve that overlooks the Punta della Crocetta, the town suddenly appears with the large semicircle of houses facing the seafront marked by the green necklace of tamarisks and the Pisan Tower built in the century. XII for the purpose of defense against Saracen incursions.

The area affected by the first settlements is that of Cotone, located east of the current town, a preference due to the fact that it offered boats shelter and the possibility of a mooring, while behind the seafront an urban fabric develops, formed in the last twenty years of the 20th century.

In the charming Piazza della Chiesa, cultural events and literary prizes often take place during the summer evenings with high-level guests, while the feast of Santa Chiara, patron saint of the town, is renowned throughout the island. on August 12th every year with processions on land and at sea and spectacular pyro-musical fireworks. Both on the seafront and in the internal streets there are elegant designer boutiques and local craft shops that invite you to shop, as well as numerous restaurants where excellent local fish and other tasty Elban specialties are served.

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