Events Trekking for everyone!

Events Trekking for everyone! - isola d'Elba

If you think of a holiday on Elba what is the first thing that comes to mind? I bet the sea... it's legitimate, but luckily Elba is not just this. It is said to be a pearl in the Tuscan Archipelago and much is due to its impressive variety. Variety of fauna, flora, morphological variety, historical variety that you can find even a short distance away.

You can discover much of this variety by walking or hiking among the many kilometers of paths that exist in the area.

What could be more relaxing and at the same time stimulating than a walk immersed in nature. With a guide, with friends or in the company of family, there are paths on Elba and there really is something for all tastes and suitable for all needs: for those who are new to trekking but love being in contact with the nature, for those who are on holiday with children and want a healthy and educational alternative to the classic day at the beach, for those who are expert hikers and for them the steep slabs of Monte Capanne will be pure fun with a breathtaking view.

As I was saying, the scenic richness of the island makes it truly unique for this type of activity. You can start from the sea and in a few hours find yourself in the mountains, or leave from characteristic hill villages and then go down to the sea, or even follow coast to coast itineraries, among the scents and colors of the Mediterranean scrub. Not only that, because by choosing some paths, as soon as you turn a corner, you will find yourself catapulted into the history of Elba, among castles, fortifications of the Middle Ages, ancient finds and churches from the Romanesque era, refuges from the Second World War, up to the fascinating mines of iron.

Each one will give you different experiences and emotions, but they will all be an opportunity for knowledge.

And please, don't forget to bring binoculars to spy, in absolute silence and without scaring them, the many animals you might encounter.

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