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The charm of holidays on the Island of Elba

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Secret places: the charm of holidays on the Island of Elba

The Island of Elba is part of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park and is one of the jewels in the crown of Italian tourism. Known throughout the world for its wonderful beaches, many fascinating beauties still remain little known. Prenotaelba offers a tourist booking service for anyone who wants to delve into this magical territory. Let's discover together which are the most special places.


Sea and Beaches

The beaches are one of the reasons why Elba is renowned throughout the world. Those who love tranquility and wild beaches cannot miss the opportunity to immerse themselves in the uncontaminated nature of some less crowded coves.
In the territory of Capoliveri ( you can visit:

  • The beach of Istia,
    nestled in a small bay and with wonderful seabeds, an excellent base for diving lovers
  • The Peducelli beach,
    private and pretty cove of sand and pebbles, without services but enriched by a peaceful calm and spectacular nature
  • Punta della Contessa,
    a small corner much loved by those who escape the crowds for a solitary swim, a true jewel of Elba
Choose one of the accommodation and accommodation options located in Capoliveri, you will be able to discover for yourself the beauty of these places and immortalize them to keep in your album of memories. The beaches in the municipality are numerous and satisfy every type of need.

Even those staying in Marciana will not necessarily have to compete for space for a towel on the most visited beaches. Let yourself be guided by the love of nature and set off to discover:

  • Cala della Cotaccia,
    particularly fascinating thanks to the granite rocks that overlook the transparent sea, secluded and perfect for moments of romantic intimacy
  • Patresi,
    on which the lighthouse of Punta Polveraia stands, it is divided into two parts, both of gravel and from a lovely pier it is possible to indulge in acrobatic dives
Between the municipalities of Campo dell'Elba and Marciana Marina there are many other corners of paradise ready to silently welcome you.



Ma se ami anche addentrarti tra i fili della storia e ripercorrere le impronte del passato non puoi rinunciare ad un tour tra le principali località segnate dalle gesta degli antichi popoli.

At Portoferraio the traces of the Roman presence are clearly visible, with some well-preserved villas of where it is possible to admire the perimeter walls and mosaics. The Roman Villa delle Grotte and the Roman Villa della Linguella deserve mention.
Portoferraio is one of the oldest places in the area, even before the Romans it was the Greeks and the Etruscans who lived there. Furthermore, its fame is due to the indissoluble bond with one of the most famous historical figures: Napoleon Bonaparte, who lived here for several months. In particular, at the National Museum of the Palazzina dei Mulini, seat of Napoleon's public life and representation and recently restored, and the Villa San Martino which served as a private residence, there is It is possible to retrace the stages of Napoleon's connection with the Elban territory.

In the perimeter of the Elban territory there is a thousand-year-old treasure, made of the sweat of the men engaged in the mines of Capoliveri, the colors of the vegetation of Monte Capanne and other precious details, list them all would be impossible.

There are truly numerous possibilities for visits, ranging from archaeological sites that arose at the hands of the most ancient populations, up to the modern mines, a superb example of industrial archaeology. If you want to learn more about other opportunities for amazement on the Island of Elba visit one of the sections of our website:

All you have to do is point your finger at the map and choose the location in which to stay, we'll take care of choosing the best solution to spend days full of exciting emotions.


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