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Do you own a property on the Island of Elba and would like to make the most of it?

Would you like to rent your house for the summer period but don't know how?

There are many regulations in force in this regard, you need to be prepared, but don't worry! This is why we are here!

We have been working in the tourism sector for years, we specialize in the sale of summer rentals in the Elba area, because this is our home, we know our land very well, we were born and raised here , which is why we are able to completely follow our customers.

 If you have a second home or simply want to make an investment by purchasing a property on the Island of Elba, deciding to rent it could, if done in the right way, be your winning move, guaranteeing you a significant return.

To avoid making mistakes, before entrusting your home to the first bidder and therefore risking not getting what you hoped for, we advise you to continue reading and discover our advice!

Renting an apartment, especially in the summer, requires much more energy and preparation than it may seem, so it is essential to rely on the expert hands of a tour operator, especially if it is located near your property.

Among the many advantages, we would like to summarize those that are, in our opinion, the most important:

1. Greater customer care

First of all, it is important to know that having a beautiful home, even if taken care of down to the smallest details and in an excellent location, may not be enough. In fact, the care of each guest is fundamental.

The customer must be followed from the moment of booking until his return home after the holiday. For this reason, the tour operator offers availability and assistance 7 days a week, solving any problems that could cause concern to the owner and cause customer dissatisfaction. Not to mention that, in many cases, the guests of the holiday homes are foreigners and the knowledge of the languages of the tour operators is a plus that should not be underestimated.

2. Cleanliness and efficiency

Never as in this historical period, cleaning at the beginning of the stay and at its end is fundamental, consequently it is also fundamental to rely on expert hands in the organization of this service, so that the work as well as being impeccable, is carried out within precise times to be able to welcome arriving customers without long waits.

3. Extra services: linen

Still on the subject of cleanliness and hygiene, many customers, for reasons of space during the trip or convenience, prefer to find bed linen and towels and any changes upon their arrival. Even in this case, the tour operator can make the difference by taking care of everything.

4. Not just the stay, but also the journey

As you can understand from the previous point, offering extra services to the simple rental can really make the difference in guaranteeing customer choice and satisfaction. For this reason, it is important to consider that a tour operator can take care of the organization of the holiday not only with regards to the stay, but also the travel.

Just think of the tourists who choose our island for their holidays, they will certainly be more inclined to choose to rely on those who will allow them to obtain ferry tickets at advantageous prices.

5. Fewer worries: registration with the state police and ISTAT

As many of you will know, all accommodation facilities must communicate the general information of their guests to the state police within 24 hours of arrival. In addition to this, it is also mandatory to communicate your guests to Istat, for tourist investigation purposes.

Among the various commitments of every day it is easy to forget about these procedures which however are fundamental if you want to offer your own accommodation, and by entrusting your property to a tour operator, the latter will also take care of these procedures.< /p>

To conclude, we can certainly say that choosing to entrust your structure to an agency that has been operating in the tourism sector for years, like ours, will guarantee you having fewer worries, fewer worries, but at the same time more results.< /p>

Our team is constantly updated, we know all the main online sales channels, we are therefore able to give your structure the greatest possible visibility in order to make the most of it.

We take care of relationships with the owners down to the smallest detail, offering services and assistance specifically designed for the different needs of each of them, in order to obtain full satisfaction.

Italiatravel Tour Operator operates exclusively on the Internet thanks to a long experience gained in the field of information technology applied to the online sale of tourist services.

Our product offering comes from a careful selection of accommodation facilities. The sale is carried out via the web, with advanced search systems and the internal support of a professional Customer Assistance Service.

Our main destination is the island of Elba, for which we are particularly specialized and represents our strong point.

If you are interested in collaborating with us you can fill out the form on your right or write to the following contacts:
- or call the number. (+39) 0565.914228 / 329.4286688


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